Brick Paving Services & Yard Drainage

My Landscape Contractor Brick Paving Services & Yard Drainage
Brick Paving
Brick Patios, Brick Walkways, Brick Driveways There are multiple brick design options from different colors, sizes and shapes to make a beautiful pattern for your...
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Permeable Paving
Permeable Paving Permeable paving is an efficient and affordable way to direct rainfall away from storm sewer systems and back into the natural ecosystem Whether...
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Retaining Walls, Garden Walls
Garden Walls, Retention Walls Did you know there is a difference between garden walls and retention walls? Garden walls are mostly decorative. They might be...
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Patio Repair
Patio Repair Brick patio restoraton is needed whenever you have sinking patios, loose or broken pavers. My Landscape Contractor can fix that for you! We...
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Yard Drainage
Yard Drainage Service Typical problems of drainage issues include: sitting water in low spots of the yard, sitting water against foundation walls or window wells,...
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My Landscape Contractor provides various brick paving services and yard drainage solutions. Multiple brick paved structures can be constructed for your landscape including brick patios, brick walkways, brick driveways, garden walls, retaining walls, fire places, fire pits, water features and more. There are multiple colors, brick shapes and designs to choose from when creating your dream landscape.

Yard drainage solutions include the installation of drains in your yard and permeable paving. Permeable paving allows water to be absorbed into the ground through the pavers; it collects into a drain which redirects it back to the natural ecosystem. Yard drainage solutions provide better control of water flow in your yard and prevent water pooling. It could be used to prevent water damage to your home and other structures. There may even be some tax benefits for installing yard drainage.

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