Jennings project – Palatine, IL

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Jennings project – Palatine, IL

Original concrete patio was sloping towards the house pooling water against the foundation wall. MLC designed and installed a permeable paving system that allowed that water to percolate back into the ground. Additionally, an overflow drainage pipe was installed under the patio to ensure the system functionality Permeable patio - Unilock Eco Priora Overflow underground drainage system

Collins Project – Glen Ellyn, IL

There were a number of issues with the drainage on this property. MLC was able to provide a proper solution and execute the project within the budget and timeline. The project included french drains, catch basins, downspouts & sump pump discharge. With the appropriate plan and permits, MLC was able to discharge most of this rainwater into the storm sewer system from the city French Drain Catch basin Channel Drain Sump pump discharge Storm sewer discharge

Allara Project – Naperville, IL

The Allara family first hired MLC back in 2010 to build their brick patio with seat walls, a water feature, and firepit. 8 years later they decided to upgrade an existing concrete patio adjacent to the original brick patio. MLC provided the right solution with a harmonious design that tied both brick projects Brick patio - Unilock Brussels block & Unilock Stonehenge Retaining walls, Seat walls & steps - Belgard Versa-lok & Unilock Olde Quarry

Gorski Project – Lombard, IL

The homeowner was looking for alternative design ideas other than a simple flat patio. MLC provided several options and this 2 level patio with seating walls, gas fire pit, and landscape lighting was exactly what the client wanted. The budget was a big concern especially because other contractors had quoted about 40% to 50% more. MLC was able to meet all the client's needs and budget in such detail that Mr. Gorski had MLC come back the next year and redesign the entire front yard as well Patio - Unilock Brussels block Retaining walls, steps & columns - Unilock Estate wall

Bowden Project – Schaumburg, IL

Full design and installation. The homeowner decided to upgrade the entire back yard to have a minimum maintenance structure. Old landscaping was removed and updated, old shed was demolished and these low maintenance brick patio and garden walls were installed Patio - Unilock Hollandstone herringbone pattern Seat walls - Unilock Estate wall

Nayar Project – Naperville, IL

Full design and installation. This project is only part one of a full renovation plan for the Nayar family. Other aspects of the project include permeable paving areas and natural wetlands conservation (don’t include the second and 3rd picture for this sample - the one that says Nayar residence and the one with the gravel paths - they are not updated plans) Driveway - Unilock Hollandstone herringbone pattern Walkway - Unilock Brussels block Columns - Unilock Brussels dimensional

Fattah Project – Glenview, IL

Initial patio was only 11 years old with 2 failed repair attempts by the original contractor. MLC provided a full design, 3D renderings, construction details, permit filing and full demolition and construction. MLC stayed within the client’s budget and timeline Structural retaining wall included geogrid reinforcement & vertical drainage Patio - Unilock Hollandstone herringbone pattern Retaining walls, steps & columns - Belgard Versa-lok